Work & Repair Orders


Aircraft Work Orders: Enhanced work order tracking- automatically create work orders with sequential and/or customizable numbering Manage unlimited number of squawks within each work order Staffing insights

  • Manage technician time across each work order via built-in “time clock” functionality
  • Add unlimited parts and part kits to each work order Enhanced process automation
  • Save frequently used squawks and create ATA codes for repetitive tasks
  • Charge customers for additional charges such as EPA charge, oil analysis, shop supplies, and much more
  • End-to-end invoicing
  • Create estimates and invoices and send directly to customers through a single platform
  • Create warranty invoices directly through the work orders
  • Store photos and files with each individual squawk for reference
  • Track what certified or reference-only tools were used on each task.


Direct integration with Napa and Sage allows users to search and order parts without leaving EBis.



Access to lists of commonly used parts for the vehicle, technicians can access stored photos of parts to select the correct part, add forecasted parts to preventative maintenance work orders with one click, and more!



View dashboard of current work orders, vehicle histories, PM documents, EQ manuals and open work orders. Advanced module allows labor resources to be managed via technician log reports

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Manage Equipment With GSE Express

equipment assets

Equipment Assets

Find equipment easily through filters and options. Manage the equipment owned by third parties and setup different billing rates.

equipment schedules

Equipment Schedules

Create custom preventive maintenance schedules per equipment asset. Schedules can be created on a specific week, month, or recurring daily/weekly/monthly date.

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EBis GSE Asset Management Overview

Customized, Tailored, & Developed for the GSE Industry EBIS is proven and has been used by major airlines for 10+ years, 110,000 assets, 700+ cities,...

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A.R.M.S. Enterprise Asset Management

EBIS takes asset management and Cost Of Ownership to a new level of visibility, control, increased efficiency and cost reduction. Saved $13.7M, received budget approval for...

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advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting

Automatic reporting allows users to receive reports directly in their email – no access to EBis required. Includes all required day-to-day reports for GSE operations.



Signoffs on preventive maintenance work orders track who inspected the items before returning to service. Various edit logs allow for full transparency.

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Supply Chain Integration

advanced reporting

Configuration Made Easy

Manage users with 100+ points of security and specified cities. Use profiles to easily manage technicians, contractors, leads, front office, etc.


EBIS Green Initiative

EBis focuses on environmental compliance. View percent of electric equipment and alternate fuel (hybrids, electrics, CNG, LP).

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